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ICR Paper Selected for Best of Cell 2020

Release date:2021-02-18

Recently, the leading science journal Cell has announced its best articles for the year of 2020, which include a study from Professor Zemin Zhang, the lead of the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) at SZBL and his collaborators. Sixteen science articles were selected for the annual Best of Cell, each showcasing the most inspiring research at the field of cell biology in the year of 2020.

Titled Single-Cell Analyses Inform Mechanisms of Myeloid-Targeted Therapies in Colon Cancer, the selected article was published in April last year. Lei Zhang, scientist from ICR, is the co-first author of the article.

The study looks into the microenvironment of colon cancer at single-cell level to provide analysis on the types of myeloid cells near the colorectal tumor. Based on the mouse models, the study also uses anti-CSF1R inhibitor and anti-CD40 agonist to explain critical cellular interactions regulating tumor immunity and defines mechanisms underlying myeloid-targeted immunotherapies.

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